About BermanGlass

BermanGlass is the newest addition to Forms+Surfaces’ innovative architectural glass program. Uniting two prominent forces in the world of architectural glass, the line was created when Joel Berman Glass Studios joined the F+S family as BermanGlass.

“This synergistic union creates a global architectural glass powerhouse and brings exciting new levels of design innovation to the world of architectural glass.”

- Forms+Surfaces

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BermanGlass adds dynamic three-dimensional designs to Forms+Surfaces’ innovative architectural glass program.

The BermanGlass line includes kiln cast glass, fused glass and more, and, true to its origins, offers an artistic mix of sculptural patterns and textures for use in glass applications of all kinds: walls, columns, railings, partitions, room dividers, architectural accents, and other project-specific features.

Together, Forms+Surfaces and BermanGlass bring exciting new levels of design innovation to the world of architectural glass.

About Joel Berman Glass Studios

Joel Berman Glass Studios was founded in 1981 by Joel Berman, an artist driven by his vision to bring artistic privacy into architectural spaces using beautifully crafted art glass. Over its rich 34-year history, the studio built an international reputation for design and innovation, with ongoing research and development into materials and processes that pushed the boundaries of what could be achieved with new forms and textures in architectural glass.

Joel Berman Glass Studios became known for its pioneering glass designs, uncompromising craftsmanship, and attention to detail. The studio’s work can be found around the globe, on projects large and small, in corporate commercial, institutional, hospitality, and healthcare settings, indoors and out.

About Joel Berman

Breaking the rules of conventional glass design and production, Joel Berman has devoted more than 30 years to creating works of original art in glass, pushing boundaries, and exploring new textures, patterns, and techniques for forming architectural glass.

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Joel Berman
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